Table for one

In the Tumblr blog, ‘Table For One’, California native Jerry Hsu documents people who are caught eating alone in public. The unknowing subjects are usually seen enjoying a meal while reading a book, fiddling with their phones, or simply taking in some alone time.

Hsu, who also often eats out alone, started the blog when he began wondering what other people felt like during these moments of solitude. In his photos, he doesn’t include any commentary, but rather lets the viewers form their own opinions.

‘Most people find it sad and depressing. I think those knee-jerk reactions say more about an individual’s relationship to the subject matter’, Hsu told TIME.

‘Apparently, eating out alone is excruciating to some people! Just being with yourself sometimes is important and these photos cause you to evaluate your own feelings and perceptions about solitude’.

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  1. keren mas... tp saya agak kurang sreg dengan fitur gallery zoom di tiap post dimana semua gambar langsung ditarik semua ke atas... bagaimana ya cara menonaktifkannya?